Mariah’s Lasting Impact on Pop Stars: Alongside Beyonce

Mariah Carey’s lasting impact on the new generation of female pop stars…

Side-By-Side with Beyonce

Mariah Carey’s lasting impact on the new generation of female pop stars


They call the music Mariah. TIME Magazine named Mariah Carey the Ultimate Pop Star of All Time. The feature fails to explain why. If you’ve ever played 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon, this is sort of like that. If you really look at the major female pop stars of music today, who are known for bold femininity, big voices, and hit singles, you will see a little bit of Mariah in everyone. These comparisons are not made to disrespect any of the other artists, it is mainly to point out the indelible impact Mariah Carey’s stardom, scope and longetivity. Without her, we may not have the types of artists we have today, many of whom model themselves after Mariah in some way, shape or form. After much negative reviews lately and harsh criticism from the media, it’s time to really take a look at how much has influenced a generation of strong women. Whether they like to admit it or not, they grew up on Mariah’s music.


Mariah is heralded as the Queen of Pop because she has more album sales and number ones than any other female artist. Beyonce, who has dubbed herself “Queen Bey” can strive for the title.

Let’s go back in time to get back to the roots of R&B Pop Culture.

Let’s start this out by establishing: Mariah was working with Jay-Z way before Beyonce became famous. Jay-Z joined Mariah for the #1 hit Heartbreaker, and Mariah was featured on Jay-Z’s song Things That U Do. He then went onto teaming up with Beyonce for Bonnie & Clyde and the #1 Crazy In Love. (Jay-Z would then go on to do something similar for Rihanna).

Heartbreaker_(single)_Mariah_Carey Beyonce_-_Crazy_In_Love_single_cover

Beyonce is an amazing performer with millions of fans, but her music has always failed to truly connect with a primary audience and she really doesn’t have a catalog of classics like Mariah.  However, Beyonce’s latest success is really incorporating hip-hop style R&B into her own soulful singing style. Mariah is mainly given hip-hop cred for her Fantasy remix in which she got Wu Tang’s ODB to join her, forever impacting rap music in the pop realm. Mariah and Beyonce are the most successful to incorporate true R&B into pop music.


Mariah not only featured rappers on her songs, she would return the favor back by being featured on hooks and choruses for rapper friends (Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z, J.D.) For street cred, Mariah even jumped on popular underground mixtapes (DJ Clue, Damizza). I want to bring attention away from the fact that Mariah has sung with almost every rapper, and pay attention to style. Mariah fans know Mariah has been sing-rapping since her first album (Listen to “Someday”, “Prisoner” ”Make It Happen”). She really started to finetune and craft this unique element of her music with her Bone Thugs N Harmony collabos (“Breakdown” ”I Still Believe Pure Imagination Remix”). A really good listen is Emancipation of Mimi’s “One and Only”Part 1 and 2 with Twista. In fact, Mariah got dubbed“Hoodriah” for this aspect of her music. Beyonce’s new hood appeal may allow her to act as ratchet as she needs to be in “Drunk in Love” and “7/11”. However, I doubt Mariah will be twerking anytime soon.

Let’s not forget Beyonce’s song DIVA, which helped make the comparison’s clear.

BwaMD1UCUAAfp5N  mariah-beyonce

A little trivia: Mariah also has alter-egos Bianca and MiMi, similar to Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce and Queen Bey.

They are both butterflies, taking their careers as relevant artists to another level: Mariah and Beyonce are both friends, have extremely similar fashion choices, and proud mothers! They attend major fashion events with Donatella (before Lady Gaga!) and spend New Years Eve together.

One step further for womankind: they both sing for Mr. President as well!


Mariah often expresses how much she loves Beyonce during live interviews, praising her songwriting and musical abilities. Recently, Beyonce wished Mariah a personalized Happy Birthday via Facebook during her BEYONCE surprise album drop.


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