Mariah’s Lasting Impact: Side By Side with Taylor Swift

Mariah Carey’s lasting impact on the new generation of female pop stars…

Side-By-Side with Taylor Swift


They call the music Mariah. TIME Magazine named Mariah Carey the Ultimate Pop Star of All Time. The feature fails to explain why. If you’ve ever played 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon, this is sort of like that. If you really look at the major female pop stars of music today, who are known for bold femininity, big voices, and hit singles, you will see a little bit of Mariah in everyone. These career comparisons are being made solely to highlight the indelible impact of Mariah Carey’s stardom, scope and longevity. Without her, we may not have the types of artists we have today, many of whom model themselves after Mariah in some way, shape or form. Whether they like to admit it or not, they grew up on Mariah’s music. After much negative reviews and harsh criticism from the media lately, it’s time we really take a look at how much Mariah has influenced a generation of women. 


Taylor Swift is not an overnight success. She is a truly talented, hard-working singer/songwriter/musician who just continues to churn music out year after year. In fact, Taylor writes her own music and she is never shy about it – a lot like Mariah! Taylor has become the new definition of POP MUSIC, as was Mariah particularly in the Daydream to Butterfly album eras.


Also, Taylor consistently writes about exes and naysayers, which makes her music relatable. Taylor most recently wrote about John Mayer on Dear John and  Katy Perry on Bad Blood.  Mariah is notorious for her songs about exes or firing back, especially rapper Eminem — listen to her songs  Clown and Obsessed  – which she even takes it one step further and dresses up as him. Mariah’s Side Effects is supposedly about her abusive relationship with Tommy Mottolla. No other artists right now can make their personal lives seem so relevant in the music world, which is why Taylor is on top of the charts right now. Perhaps she took a note from Mariah – to not be silent and instead be very vocal.

Taylor does have her little diva moments too, and she gets away with it quite well. She is well-spoken, very subtle and has a sense of humor – and she doesn’t mind singing about rainbows and butterflies. Swift’s “1989” is just as catchy and pop as Always Be My Baby, and Taylor Swift’s #1 song Shake It Off shares the same title as Mariah’s 2005 Billboard chart-topper!

Also Taylor’s “Blank Space” Video seems to have Mariah’s name written in it! Much of “Blank Space” art direction is a clever mash-up of Mariah’s “We Belong Together” and “Touch My Body” videos.

Blank Space vs. We Belong Together:

anigif_enhanced-24143-1415639112-25 2273b2a6f359


54621e6f62aeb Mariah Carey We Belong Together Video Still


Blank Space VS. Touch My Body

images-2 tumblr_mrbnbeTmP81sba90go1_500

720x405-Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 9.11.53 AM mariah-carey-touch-my-body-music-video-08

1415630700862_Image_galleryImage_Taylor_Swift_Blank_Space 5

Next Up: Mariah Vs. Beyonce 

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